nova motum® offers consulting and services for middle-sized companies and industrial enterprises...

..., which intend to implement mobile communication techniques or to develop such techniques. We are focussing on medical technique industries, automotive tier 1s /tier 2s and OEMs, mobile service providers and their suppliers.

The skills of our core team in Berlin:

1. Developer Leading:

  • - native macOS, iOS, watchOS, Android
  • - C, C++, C#, Java
  • - Backend communication via TCP/IP
  • - Communication via Bluetooth, incl. firmware
  • - elementary electronic development skills
  • - PHP, MySQL
  • - Server- and network administration
  • - Shellcscripting
  • - Home automation, lighting, DALI
  • - 3D printing, modeling

2. Application Development (Senior):

  • - native iOS, Android
  • - Backend communication via TCP/IP
  • - PHP, MySQL

3. Application Development:

  • - native iOS, Android
  • - Java and JavaScript
  • - C++, C#
  • - PHP, MySQL
  • - Web frontend development
  • - Responsive Design
  • - Database development

We are very strongly connected with a bunch of branch and industry associations. For more information, see Networking.

Active participation in specialized boards and workshops of the above-mentioned institutions ensure a continuous interexchange of knowledge and exchange of experiences.

Tasks and orders, exceeding pure consulting, are being projected by nova motum®. Software development and sheer hardware related development will be handed over to closely cooperating development companies. For this case, nova motum® has created a network of specialized development companies throughout Europe...


  • Consultancy services, lectures and development services will be provided directly by nova motum® .

  • Development services, which are being handed over from nova motum® to partnering development companies.

  • Development services, which are provided and processed by nova motum® in shared cooperation with partnering
    development companies, whereas nova motum® remains primarily responsible towards the customer.