nova motum® offers consulting and services for middle-sized companies and industrial enterprises...

..., which intend to implement mobile communication techniques or to develop such techniques. We are focussing on medical technique industries, automotive tier 1s /tier 2s and OEMs, mobile service providers and their suppliers.

We are very strong connected with branch and industry assoiciationslike the ACN (Apple Consultants Network), the BVMW (The German Association for Small and Medium-sized Businesses), the bvitg (German Association of Health IT Vendors), COCIR in Brussels (European Coordination Committee of the Radiological, Electromedical and Healthcare IT Industry), the SIBB (ICT & Digital Business Association Berlin - Brandenburg), and the ZVEI (German Electrical and Electric Manufacturers' Association).

Active participtaion in specialised boards and work shops of the above mentioned institutions ensure a continuous interexchange of knowledge and exchange of experiences.

Tasks and orders, exceeding pure consulting, are being projected by nova motum® . Software development and sheer hardware related development will be handed over to closely cooperating development companies. For this case, nova motum® has created a network of specialised development companies thorughout Europe..


  • Consultancy services, lectures and development services will be provided directly by nova motum® .

  • Development services, which are being handed over from nova motum® to partnering development companies.

  • Development services, which are provided and processed by nova motum® in shared cooperation with partnering
    development companies, whereas nova motum® remains primarily responsible towards the customer.

Take the next step in connected healthcare - with the know-how of nova motum®