Welcome to nova motum® Services & Consulting


nova motum means: "New matters brought to move"

- We get your IT project up and running -


We work with your solution in mind: from project management to the implementation of mobile strategies or software developments for mobile and stationary operating systems.

Our key topics are Mobile Connectivity, Health Care Techniques and LED-Lighting.

We are very strongly connected with a bunch of branch and industry associations. For more information, see Networking.
Active participation in specialized boards and workshops of the above-mentioned institutions ensure a continuous interexchange of knowledge and exchange of experiences.


nova motum® focuses on development & design of Mobile Connectivity Solutions e.g. for eHealth.

We have the right solution at hand for the best implementation of your concept. Apps with a low footprint will be developed in-house.
For more information about the skills of our team, see About.

More complex tasks will be outsourced to partners with resources of 200 developers and more.


With more than 23 years of experience in software development and design, we can review your idea regarding its feasibility.
And if you have already collected cost estimates for the development, we can tell you if these are valid and realistic.

nova motum® offers consulting and services for middle-sized companies and industrial enterprises...

..., which intend to implement mobile communication techniques or to develop such techniques.
We are focussing on medical technique industries, automotive tier 1s / tier 2s and OEMs, mobile service providers and their suppliers.

Save time and money before you start developing using our expertise.