Hardware and software in alignment

through mobile device connectivity

nova motum® offers you services, consulting and implementation from one source.

We specialise in solutions for connecting mobile devices with a variety of operating systems.
Our focus is on iOS and Android as well as macOS and on server, client, web and backend structures.

Based on our special know-how for mobile device connectivity, our teams have, for example, been providing Gigaset with an industry solution for the synchronisation of fixed-line phones since 2009.

Furthermore, we are in our element when it comes to wirelessly connecting devices of any kind via Bluetooth, NfC or Wi-Fi.

We are happy to work for you:

... from project management for the implementation of mobile strategies to software solutions on mobile or stationary systems.

Our focus areas are mobile device connectivity, health technology and digital industrial communication.

Our Specialties

  • Apps on iOS or Android as well as macOS,
  • Database systems,
  • Backend and web frontend

nova motum® creates the web presence that meets your needs.

We can scale for you according to your needs: From a mere internet presence to a complex web application with sophisticated functions, we master the entire range of today's requirements for websites.
We realise customer and operator interactions for you, e.g. via cloud database connections, as well as full integration of backend and frontend.

Our philosophy is:

For a pleasant user experience, the first impression of a website should NOT be the question concerning cookies & tracking.
We are also convinced that cookies and tracking should be avoided altogether wherever possible.

Providers of internet shops, news portals and those who cannot do without functional or analytical cookies, we recommend the following for more fairness towards their customers:
... Contrary to current practice, do not let the cookie prompt launch immediately, but after the user's first click on your website.
. ... Only essential cookies should be activated in the pre-selection, and the button for confirming the cookie selection should be set to "Allow selected only" and not "Allow all" by default.

Examples of web sites that we have initiated and implemented:


AppQualifier is an in-house project by nova motum®, which since the end of 2015 provides an up-to-date overview of medical-related apps in the Apple Store three times a day.
The website is purely text-oriented and consciously refrains the use of graphic effects.

  • Full backend and frontend
  • DSGVO-compliant imprint
  • Direct connection to the AppQualifier database
  • Fully automated display of the current values regarding the amount of medical apps
  • Grouping by indications and listing of their respective share in the Android store
  • Despite the automated data analysis, this website does not use cookies or tracking functions
  • It is intentionally not the objective to track or analyse the behaviour of visitors to this website


This project involved the development of a website for a start-up that was establishing a software and service platform in the field of medical technology.

  • Full backend and frontend
  • DSGVO-compliant imprint
  • Completely without cookies or tracking functions

Watch your Heart

Watch your Heart was about the realisation of a website in the field of medical technology with extensive functionality for doctors and patients.
ECGs from smartwatches can automatically and securely be transferred from the patients' app to the doctor's dashboard and into the cloud database, where they are analysed by the doctor. If necessary, the doctor can also communicate directly with the patient from there.

  • Full backend and frontend
  • DSGVO-compliant imprint
  • User management with accounting, subscription management and billing of payments
  • Cardiologist dashboard with patient management and handling of automatically incoming ECG data
  • Connection to integrated cloud database/functionality, automated emails
  • Despite the extensive functionality with user accounting etc., this website was realised completely without cookies or tracking functions.

Extension or development of your database solution as backend and frontend

Would you like to extend your existing solution, based for example on MS Access or Excel, to a database based on MySQL?

Make your database application truly platform-independent - and with a combined app solution, even independent of an existing internet connection.

We can show you what is needed and also implement that in your project.

IoT (Internet of Things)

IoT with SIM cards from Jersey Telecom (JT)

JT's IoT and M2M SIMs offer the best connectivity with true global open roaming and high reliability in daily use.
Keep your devices connected and secure 24/7 with full insight and SIM management through JT's SIM Orchestration Layer, the NOMAD platform.

More details can be found here.

Our work saves you valuable time and costs in the final phase of implementation.

nova motum® offers consulting for small businesses, medium-sized companies and industrial enterprises that want to implement or further develop new technologies in the field of mobile device communication.

The main focus is on medical technology, the automotive industry, mobile communications solution providers and their suppliers.

Our consulting service:

  • Conception, market placement and commercial orientation of native apps
  • Advice on the conception and design of "non-medical" apps with medical relevance
  • Consultation and expert referral prior to the planned implementation of "real medical" apps (BfArM, MDR)
  • Evaluation of the feasibility and implementation of product ideas
  • Consulting on existing apps in the field of medicine and health/fitness
  • Advice regarding the extension of your database solution for frontend and backend, connection to apps and offline use
  • Non-medical apps

Would you like to have an app solution for iOS or Android developed in the area of eHealth / Fitness and not initially intend to design the app as a real medical app?

>> We are very experienced in the conception of apps that are not considered medical apps in their purpose and implementation, but which can nevertheless be used in the eHealth environment.

  • Real medical apps

Would you like to have an app solution developed in the area of eHealth / medicine and need clear information on whether and how this app is to be registered as a medical app?

>> We are in constant exchange with internationally active experts on regulatory issues and can help you further.

  • Assistance on the subject of "App on prescription"

Would you like to submit an app as an "app on prescription" so that it can be prescribed by health insurances?

>> We can provide you with advice on what you should consider before potentially registering a product with the BfArM (Federal Institute for the Safety of Medicines) and who can help you with the process.

  • Finding brands with domains

nova motum® has many years of experience in generating brand terms as a word mark or word/figurative mark, combined with availability as a domain package.

A strong product term should be unique and should be protectable as a word mark at the German Patent Office (DPMA), or in combination with a logo as a word/figurative mark.

In addition, it should be ensured that at least the domain as .com or .de is still free, preferably in a 5-domain package (.com/.de/.eu/.net/.org).

Examples of brand and domain packages that we have initiated and realised:

- AppQualifier:

Registered word/figurative mark of nova motum ®
Certificate no. 30 2016 208 683
Package, available for transfer to interested parties, with the domains appqualifier/.de/.eu/.net/.org

- cordition:

Registered word mark of cordition® GmbH
Certificate no. 30 2019 231 050.4 / 42
Package, transferred to the customer, including the domains

- nova motum:

ERegistered word mark of Volker Kohl
Certificate no. 30 2013 058 857
Package including the domains

- transformeo:

Registered word/figurative mark of nova motum®
Certificate no. 30 2018 207 726
Package, available for transfer to interested parties, with the domains transformeo/.de/.eu/.net/.org

  • Transfer of nova motum® brand packages

nova motum® offers the following trademark/ domain packages for transfer:


  • This is a registered word mark in combination with the 5-domain package
  • Field: Digital transformation, SaaS (Software as a Service), logistics etc.
  • Trade mark classes (Nice): 42, 38, 39
  • File number 302018207726
  • Date of application: 09.03.2018
  • Date of registration: 09.03.2018
  • Date of publication of the registration: 04.05.2018
  • Term of protection: Bis zum 31.03.2028


  • This is a registered word/figurative mark combined with the 5-domain package
  • Field: Statistics and ratings of apps in the Apple Store and the Google Play Store
  • Trade mark classes (Nice): 42, 09, 35
  • File number 302016208683.5 /42
  • Date of application: 29.03.2016
  • Date of registration: 19.04.2016
  • Date of publication of the registration: 20.05.2016
  • Term of protection: Bis zum 31.03.2026

nova motum® offers development & design of IT and software solutions for mobile device connectivity

We have the right solution at hand for the implementation of your concept.
Most tasks, especially project coordination, are handled in-house.

More demanding developments are carried out by partners who have access to up to 200 experienced developers and more.

The skills of our core team:

Native app development for iOS and Android

using Swift, Java, Kotlin, C#

Web development

Websites customised to your needs


  • Development of databases for your project
  • Migration of database systems to MySQL

Data transfer

  • Communication via Bluetooth incl. firmware
  • NFC

Server and network administration

Electronics, firmware conception