Mobile Connectivity Solutions for eHealthCare and Telemedicine

Therefore nova motum®


eHealthCare and medical technology are complex and interdisciplinary fields of activities.

Solutions in these fields require a combination of skills about mobile platforms, operating systems, Mobile Connectivity hardware and software solutions as well as the viewpoint from a physician or medical doctor and a patient.

nova motum® understands the needs of the manufacturer, the medical doctor and of the patient ­and has all necessary technical prerequisites:

  • - For a recent project with Phonak, launching an app for Tinnitus, a combination of skills in mobile app development and engineering, enhanced with ‘inhouse’ knowledge in using hearing aids, was extremely helpful.
  • - A BMBF-funded project supports the development of wireless and remote-controlled spinal ortheses for children. In this project, an intensive interaction between the participating 18 disciplines is an essential prerequisite. The main parties in addition to nova motum® include the Technical University Berlin, Otto Bock and the Fraunhofer Institute IPK.


nova motum® offers more than 23 years experience in the development and design of software. We know how to expand your business strategy with the help of Mobile Connectivity, based on solutions for iOS, Android, as well as Mac OS and Linux, clients and servers alike. Our customer base includes Vodafone Global, Sonova/Phonak, Medisana, and Gigaset, amongst others.


nova motum® has direct access to eHealthCare markets and excellent connections to industrial markets within and outside Germany, as an active member of various branch and industry associations.

For more information, see Mobile Connectivity.