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For many areas of healthcare systems, it is getting more and more important to identify the relevant products out of the mass of apps in the genres „medical“ and „fitness/health“, and to address clear interrogations from a market’s perspective. Presently, this is deemed absolutely impossible - solely because of the sheer amount of apps in the app store.

AppQualifier®, however, on request can determine the absolute amount of iOS apps in both genres at any time: In today’s market observation and apps valuation, there are just bottom up attempts, meaning particular apps are being selected or are reported for their special isolated case.

The „AppQualifier®“-database is soon about to be extended by the possibility to serve most diverse questionings from medical / healthcare institutions, using a top-down-approach.

Since some months, AppQualifier® determines the amount of iOS Apps in the genres „Medizin“ and „Fitness/Health“, thrice a day. More parameters will be added soon.

AppQualifier® - Chop Your way through the undergrowth of masses of apps with medical relevance